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LED perimeter display are used in perimeter around football, basketball, volleyball and other match venue with a high advertising value, promoting advertisers brand image while bringing the most perfect live competitive experience to the audience.


Technological features:

1.IMPOSA perimeter display its patented mask along use curved spherical design, ensuring max reducing the reflection of sunshine and the best contrast ratio, thus delivering more clearly visible image.

2.IMPOSA perimeter display is with high UV resistance ability.

3.IMPOSA perimeter display can automatically adapt its chroma and brightness to the external environment, ensuring the same color on the whole perimeter system. CHAINZOEN’s perimeter display will display the same chroma no matter indoor and outdoor, cloudy or sunny day, shadow or sunshine.

4.Both mask and top cushion are made of soft rubber. With buffering function that can better protect the athletes from injury when hit by the impact.

5.Fast assembly without any tools, can be 90/95/100 degree to show inclination without bend over.

6.With signal and power hot backup function, when a signal supply fails, the hot backup will automatically take over, to make sure the screen can be normally displayed. Specific dual power hot backup function, which will not effect its normally displayed on the screen when a power fails on the cabinet.

7.Up to 7000Hz refresh rate, meet the need of dynamic shooting, effectively avoid the shooting flashing phenomenon.

8.Exquisite color control technology and display quality.

9.Dedicated advertising play systems and monitoring software, which can create more value for customers.

System diagram

Product’s video