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Small pixel pitch HD LED display technology uses high-density, small pitch surface-mount package as its display panel, supporting the whole screen seamless stitching to form a high resolution digital display system. The small pitch applys to high-end video conference, monitoring conduct center, broadcast and TV station, cinema, mall, hotel,exclusive shop and so on. They replace the LCD splicing wall and DLP project splicing product, providing for information dissemination, brand promotion and advertising effect and so on high-end display services to the customer.

Technology features:

1.Excellent display quality.

1.1.Low brightness but high gray level: when the brightness down to 1%, it still present the perfect gray scale performance, showing good consistence display.

1.2.Symmetrical HD display effect, large visual angle, no color deviation, no color stain and no color lump.

1.3.Automatic dynamic Gamma technology can successfully solve the problem of losing the gray level of the dark state,showing perfect image.

1.4High refresh rate, stable image & no flashing enable display effect more real and natural.

1.5.Large visual angle, maximum to meet the viewing need.


2.Module integrated cabinet design

2.1 Modules are used D-type connector, no signal cable, which is more reliable and easier to be assembled and disassembled.

2.2 Integrated cabinet design, main board, bottom panel, power, connector are all integrated in a control box. The main board uses DIP connector, which works reliably and replaces simply .


3.Seamless splicing technology, gab are adjustable.

3.1 unique macro shadow technology, through the adjustment to ensure the gap between module and module, cabinet and cabinet pixel’s brightness without dark lines and bright lines.

3.2 Can be spliced any size screen, better than the traditional LCD splicing screen and DLP rear projection performance.

3.3 CNC machining of metal structure, not only durable, but also to achieve a high quality seamless splicing effect, to ensure symmetrical display.

3.4 Point-by-point calibration data is stored on the module. The module can be replaced without any complicated color data management.


4 Color space arbitrary adjustment.

Independently research and development of color calibration system, through adjustment, you can easily achieve NTSC, SMPTE, EU, HDTV, Adobe RGB color standard.

System diagram

Product’s video

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