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11 May 2018

Tips for Indoor LED Display Maintenance In Humid Condition

When damp weather comes or after long-term sea-transportation, many indoor LED display may have many pixels humid air if without improper process. Here shares some tips for every keeper of indoor LED system.

Keep the Installation Site Cool

1. The display is recommended to be installed in an air-conditioned room where the temperature is kept below 30 degrees and the humidity is kept below 65%. The dehumidifier function is suggested to be turned on for a while before turn on the LED screen.

2. Doors and windows shall be closed at night to prevent the screen from being damaged due to the night-wet-recovery.

In damp weather, turning on the screen for work for at least at 2 hours a day. If possible, the LED screen had better to be power on and black out when beyond working period, which prevents water vapor from invading. 

Effective Moisture-proof Packing
1. In additional to necessary waterproof external packaging, using physical dryer inside the packing is indispensable. Be care of that some external packing material itself is able to absorb the water vapor. Quantity of dryer should also consider the time for transportation of storage.
2. Don’t forget to mark the “Keep Dry” Logo on the packing. 

Evaporate Moisture Gradually

1.If the LED modules have been transported or stored for more than 1 month before using them, they shall be processed in the follow orders: 10% brightness of full white for 2 hours, 30% brightness of full white for 2 hours, 60% brightness of full white for 2 hours, 80% brightness of full white for 2 hours, and 100% brightness of full white for 2 hours. After 8 hours of aging, the screen can be operated normally.

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