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05 Jun 2018

IMPOSA Twinner - a Revolutionary Indoor Small Pitch Screen

For the invention of our IMPOSA Twinner, our design idea is to make a convenient, portable, flexible and decent HD display. If you need a big screen to show videos for a event, you can combine many columns together to make a decent sign in a short time. When you need LED display poster to show pictures, you can use 1 single column individually, or 2 columns together as posters for shops.

Our efforts are like -

        • 5x clamps to fasten the neighboring columns, very easy and fast, no need any tool.

• 5x unique buffering pins providing secured protection to LEDs alongside the columns during installation.

• 4x wheels at the bottom of the base stand for moving around. Moving a display is never a hard work!

• 4x feet stand at the bottom of base stand for fixing/positioning the sign. You only need a hex key to adjust their hights.

• 0x visible cable at its back, very tidy and neat.

• Multiple columns matching to acheive various applications.

• 1x flight case holds 4 columns for easy transportation.

If you’re interested in our IMPOSA Twinner, please come visit us at InfoComm 2018 at Las Vegas.

             Chainzone Booth:N2064

Date: June 6-8, 2018

              Location: Las Vegas Convention Center, 3150 Paradise Road, Las Vegas, NV.

Or talk to us on / 86-757-86393001 right now!