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02 May 2018

Mobile (Trailer) Variable Message Signs to Australia

As a world leading VMS manufacturer, Chainzone has been dedicated in designing VMS and Trailer VMS since 2000.

Recently, Chainzone is delivering another batch of VMS to Australia. Our 600 units of trailer VMS are working perfectly in some major cities Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Victoria.

The reasons why Chainzone’s trailer VMS are popular in the world are following:

1.    Higher quality of VMS and trailer

2.    Highest optimal performance of VMS

3.    Continuous innovation capability, which all raise the satisfaction for our customers.

Our Trailer VMS are solar powered and are working for 24 X 7, with local and remote programmable web-based software options. The web-server: Omnicon and Jeftfile II protocol are developed by Chainzone. The web-server allows our users to check the statuses of VMS, batteries, solar panel, radar…etc and to manage the VMS remotely. Users can access to the web-server easily via their smart phone, tablet device, allowing users control their VMS at any time. Chainzone’s self-developed handheld controller with LCD touch screen can let our users control the VMS locally.

Chainzone fulfill our client’s requirements by offering full range of trailer VMS in single color, bicolor, 4 colour, 5 colour and even full colour with variable pitch sizes.

For VMS,  Chainzone is your best choice!