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19 Jul 2018

The Boom of Small Pitch LED Screen

                                                      The Boom of Small Pitch LED Screen

      According to LED Display Market Report from IHS Markit, the increasing rate of LED product will be over 30% in 2 years, which is mostly attributed to the small pitch screens.  Liu Xiulian, a commercial display analyst from HIS Markit, points out that small pitch products will boom during 2018-2019 and the shipment of the next 2 years will be double.

      Since 2015, owning to the extraodinary brightness, color and reliability,  the share of the small pitch LED sreen has kept increasing, especially in China. Related data shows that the domestic sales of the first season  reaches 1.27 billion yuan, and the area is up to 18 thousand sqm this year, a rise of 65.6% and 50.5% respectively over previous year. As for the international market, though Daktronics have occupied the first place for years, domestic companies are tend to exceed it and Chinese brands’ shipment is much more than foreign brands in 2017. 

      What contributes to such an increase of small pitch LED poducts? There are mainly three reasons. First, the improvement of the technlogy and the decrease of the cost work together to augment the availibility of small pitch LED display and its posibility to replace LCD and DLP screen. Second, commercial market has larger potential than professional display market. Night economy has brought new chance for applying small pitch LED display and the revolution of the running mode of movie, advertisement,physics and entertainment will continuously push the development of small pitch screen. It is predicted that small pitch screen market will keep increasing by over 50% per year during the next 3 years. Third, flip chip and COB packing technology are expected to benefit the whole chain, greatly conducive to the refinement of the pixel density, manufacturing cost and reliability. The development of Mini LED will be triggered and it will bring new development space space to the industry.

     Times makes heroes. It is a good chance for display companies develop new market. Small pitch LED display product seem to embraces its golden age soon.