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IMPOSA Mage LED display

Breaking the limit for seat,achieving watching show from long distance, giving audience the feeling to enjoy audio-visual feast at site.

Honeycomb Structure Module

iMOPSA Mage module is a new kind of composite back shell with outstanding features like high intensity, low cost and excellent heat dissipation (with Patent No.ZL 2013 2 03659863?ZL 2013 2 03659685). The module structure is simple but three-dimensional. Both sides of the bottom shell are equipped with upward reinforcing ribs, which make up the regular hexagons in succession. On the premise of not conflicting the shell and the electric components on the LED module, both the intensity and stiffness of this structure is high, meanwhile it can also make full use of material and better match different LED modules.

Curvable Cabinet 
A Mage cabinet consists of a main cabinet and two side cabinets. The main cabinet and side cabinets are joined with hinges (guide trough plate). With this structure, the angles of LED display can be freely changed via the angle changes of cabinets. Meanwhile, the design of double guidance arc-shaped groove structure enables stronger cabinet and more accurate locating. Besides, via the zero position pin and angle fixation indenter, the display can be shaped faster and more accurately. Both sides of the cabinet can be bent in and out by 15o. It’s easy to set up a display in arc or wave shape(patent pending).


Curved Setup

Both sides of the cabinet can be freely bent in or out by max 15°.

Model MA-5.3 MA-5.3 MA-6.4 MA-8 MA-10.6 MA-12.8
Pixel Pitch 5.33mm 5.33mm 6.4mm 8mm 10.6mm 12.8mm
Pixel Configuration 3 in 1 SMD
Application Indoor Outdoor
Model Information 
Resolution of Module (Pixels) (HXW) 72x36
Size of Module (mm) (HXW) 384x192 288x192 384x192
Wind-through Design No
Cabinet Information
Resolution of Cabinet (pixels) (HXW) 144x144
Size of Module (mm) (HXWXD) 768x768x160 576x768x160 768x768x160
Weight of Cabinet (KG) 22 18 24
Display Information
Power Consumption of Cabinet Max (W) 500 720 500 720
Power Supply Hot Backup Optional
Brightness (cd/m2) >2000 >3500 >5500 >6000
Viewing Angle 140°/120°
IP Rating IP41 Front: IP65  Back: IP54
Grey Level 14 Bit (Indoor) / 16 Bit (Outdoor)
Frame Frequency (Hz) >60
Refresh Frequency (Hz) >1920 >1000 >5000
Brightness control 100
Nominal LED Working Life Up to 100,000 hours

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