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Outdoor advertising Solutions To Exceed Your Expectations

Most companies are limited to their availability in cabinet sizes. This limitability can make it extremely difficult when trying to meet a client’s dimension demands for an exact sized project request. At IMPOSA we are able to produce any size of LED display requested based on our versatile cabinet structure size available.


     After calibrating with our Radiant PM-1400F Calibration System in a dark room, the wave length difference for each color will only
     be less than 0.01nm. Our patented control system allows users to select several different color spaces such as; 2k (REC709), 4K
    (REC2020) or create your own color space by using our user-friendly software.

  The same batch of LED’s with discrete distribution are all moved to PAL Mode Chroma Area through color coordinate
  calibration Technology.Since each LED batch produced has different coordinates this requires precise color calibration,
  which in turn allows:

   ?Allows the LED display to show natural and vivid colors.
   ?Ensures that all LEDs have been color rendered consistently.

  If an single pixel fails, the data will be read-out from the EEPROM and then re-wrote to the replacement chip. After this process
  the brightness value is calibrated again to ensure the uniformity of the entire system, thus providing easy and fast maintainability.
  At the same time, the system records every displays’ initial calibration data to avoid uneven brightness caused by led attenuation.
  The updated screen brightness calibration data and recorded data, both ensure the uniformity of the display’s brightness over
  a period of time.

Model E2-10 E2-13.3 E2-16 E2-20 E2-26.7 E2L-10.6 E2L-16
Pixel Pitch 10mm 13.3mm 16mm 20mm 26.7mm 10.6mm 16mm
Pixel Configuration 1R1G1B
Application OUTDOOR
Model Information 
Resolution of Module (Pixels) (HXW) 16*32 24*24 20*20 16*16 12*12 18*36 12*24
Size of Module (mm) (HXW) 160*320 320*320 192*384
Cabinet Information
Resolution of cabinet(pixels) (HXW) 80*64 72*96 60*80 48*64 36*48 90*144 60*96
Size of cabinet (mm)(HxWxD) 800*640*122 960*1280*122(Rental) 960*1536*130
Weight of Cabinet 20kg 42kg 49kg
Display Information
IP Rating Front:IP67 Back:IP54
Power Consumption of Cabinet Max (W) 350 850 560   850
Brightness (cd/m2) >1500
Viewing Angle 110°/50°
Grey Level 16 Bit
Frame Frequency (Hz) >60
Refresh Frequency (Hz) >1000
Brightness control 100
Nominal LED Working Life Up to 100,000 hours
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